Debating Slavery: Economy and Society in the Antebellum American South (New Studies in Economic and Social History)

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"Smith has provided an excellent historiographical guide that can be a start for new approaches to southern economic history. Indeed, his analysis here...suggests the great potential for asking new question to get new answers." Journal of Economic History

"...Smith does present a well-written and thoughtful narrative...Debating Slavery can provide a valuable overview of some of the most salient historiographical questions about the nature of the slave-plantation South and, hopefully, will stimulate further historical inquiry into the important subjects it addresses." H-Net Reviews

"...given the enormity of the historiography and the controversy surrounding it, Smith's economical summary is nothing short of remarkable. He has produced a work that will find an eager audience of undergraduate, graduate, and professional readers." Jeffrey Robert Young, The Journal of Southern History

Book Description

Even while slavery existed, Americans debated slavery. Was it a profitable and healthy institution? If so, for whom? The abolition of slavery in 1865 did not end this debate, and it still remains amongst the most hotly disputed topics in American history. Dr Smith outlines the main contours of this debate, summarizes the contending viewpoints, and weighs up the relative importance, strengths and weaknesses of the various interpretations. This book introduces an important topic in American history in a manner which is accessible to students taking courses in American history.

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