Dollar Democracy:With Liberty and Justice for Some: How to Reclaim the American Dream For All


About the Author

Peter Mathews has spent 30 years as a College and University Professor educating people. Born into a family of educators, his father was a university professor and clinical psychologist, and his mother, a teacher. At an early age, Mathews learned the value of human dignity and to cherish education. This has molded his beliefs about the role of government in the world today. Peter Mathews is a professor of Political Science at Cypress College, has taught at California State University, Fullerton, is currently a guest host on KPFK radio 90.7 FM and Political Analyst on KFI radio AM 640 Sunday Morning News. He has served as a Political Analyst on KNBC-TV, KCBS-TV, KTLA-TV, CNN radio, KTLK radio, KPFA and KPFK radio, and as a commentator on KNX News Radio and other venues. His columns have been published in the Long Beach area Press Telegram, online Orange County Register, and Random Lengths News. Having lived, traveled, taught and conducted research in 27 countries such as Britain, France, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, India and elsewhere, Mathews has first-hand knowledge of public policy issues such as healthcare, education, economic development, and international relations, and environmental sustainability in these and other societies. Peter Mathews was the Democratic Party Nominee for the U.S. Congress in 1998 and ran a close race in the Long Beach based district. Peter Mathews moved to Los Angeles County in 1979 and has been a resident and homeowner in Long Beach for 21 years, where he lives with his wife Toya Baker-Mathews and daughter Page.

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